The transformation of England's seaside resorts

8 Apr 2019

The iconic English seaside has followed a fairy tale storyline over the years. From idolised prosperity of the past, to a tragic downward spiral, the seafront has been in a sad state of affairs for a number of years up and down the coast of England. But with a recent push and heavy investment, we’re starting to see these seaside resorts rise up and reclaim their former glory days once more.

Join Propsellers as we head along the coastline to find the best seaside success stories in England, to celebrate English Tourism Week.


Whitley Bay

Whitley Bay is one of the seaside resorts that has felt the positive effects of the Seafront Masterplan. This 15-year plan began in April 2013, and its aim is to ‘maximise the potential of the Seafront as a whole’. To do this, the masterplan outlines the need to improve leisure spaces, introduce new attractions of high quality, conserve historic sites, and bolster sea defences.

With millions of pounds invested into the area, Whitley Bay has certainly achieved the goals of the Seafront Masterplan. Highlights of its transformation include:

  • Over 33 new ventures opening as of 2018
  • 46 new businesses starting up
  • Membership to Whitley Bay Chamber of Trade increasing 1,275%
  • Sea defence upgrades to the Central Lower Promenade and Northern Promenade
  • Makeover of the Central Lower Promenade, including new bins and street lights
  • The Spanish City restoration
    • This restoration includes a new tearoom, fish and chip restaurant, champagne bar, and more

The work on the Spanish City is particularly impressive. After investments totalling over £10 million, the Grade-II listed building is now a shining jewel for tourism in Whitley Bay. With the building’s dome refurbished with original features, as well as the aforementioned leisure facilities, the Spanish City is a must-see for any visitor to the area.



Southend was once a popular tourist attraction but fell into disrepair like many of the seaside resorts along the English sea line. But, like Whitley Bay, the area underwent a huge renovation and is now polished up to its former heydays.

From a grotty beach and poor leisure facilities to pristine sands and upgraded entertainment, Southend is certainly hitting its stride with tourists. With the longest pier in Britain and the nation’s top free-entry fun park, the seaside resort is in prime position to be a tourism hot-spot. Coupled with the recently renovated Southend Airport, this beach town is definitely looking up for the future!



As the second-most Instagrammed beach in Britain, Bournemouth is coming along as a leading star of the shoreline. Though it has been noted that twenty years ago the town could hardly be linked to a prospering economy and healthy population, now it certainly is a hub of creativity. This is thanks to a six-year, £200 million development throughout Bournemouth.

With a focus on bringing top-quality amenities to the town, the local authority has invested heavily in this seaside resort’s future, with a view that the profits from the tourism it attracts can then feed into the community.

The town is now setting its sights to its Winter Gardens, with a planned £150 million development for the former music venue to become a much-needed leisure and homes complex.


With English Tourism Week underway, will you be visiting one of the country’s beautifully revamped seaside resorts?



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