Shining the Spotlight on Newcastle Quayside's Transformation

25 Mar 2019

Newcastle — the home of Newcastle Brown Ale, Greggs, and metal angels with wings like an aeroplane. It’s also home to some of the most promising diamonds-in-the-rough, and the city’s Quayside is the most obvious example of this.

The Quayside underwent renovations back in the 1990s, bringing it forward from its previous life as a ship-building and industrial zone to a riverside offering of bars and restaurants. Some of its best-known landmarks were also created around this time, including the Millennium Bridge and the Quayside Market.

But the area has so much more potential left to unlock. Luckily, that’s exactly what is in motion, with a multi-million-pound renovation of the area coming into effect. Join us as we explore all the upcoming excitement heading to the Quayside…

The Whey Aye

Costing an estimated £100 million, the Quayside will soon be home to a structure that will pit the Tyne against the Thames. An enormous 460ft (140.2m) wheel, bigger than the famous London Eye, will bring with it the world’s largest LED screen and 550 jobs for the community.

Named the Whey Aye after the beloved Geordie dialect, the wheel will be watched over by another metal monolith, the Geordie Giant. The 39ft (12m) giant will welcome visitors not only to the wheel, but to a food court and entertainment centre.

The Whey Aye’s flight will last around 30 minutes and offer stunning views of the local area.

Gateshead Quayside Arena

Along with structures to entice visitors, the Quayside will also soon be home to a structure designed for both business and leisure. The Gateshead Quayside Arena is set to open its doors in 2023, which will see the famous and beloved Newcastle Metro Radio Arena close. In its place, the Quayside Arena will offer a 12,500-seat concert venue, two hotels, and a state-of-the-art conference centre.

The work is touted to bring an estimated 1,100 jobs for the area.

Overhaul of the Quayside

Not only is the Quayside getting a few new large individual structures to spruce it up, but the entire area is set for renovation. There are plans in the works to develop the Quayside West — a £250 million project that aims to create a sustainable village consisting of 1,500 residential properties and a hotel. The village will be supplemented by open leisure spaces and enviable connections to both Newcastle city centre and the natural view of the Tyne.

The plans will bring life to an area that has, since 2002, remained unused and empty following the end of its industrial use.

A much-needed benefit

As a key location within Newcastle, a renovation here could bring a huge amount to the area, both financially and otherwise — according to the most recent residents survey, one of the key areas residents wanted to see improved in Newcastle was the community facilities (21 per cent) and activity spaces for children (21 per cent).


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