About Propsellers

Propsellers is a commercial property portal and search engine.

Propsellers was created to assist commercial agents and landlords market and promote their commercial properties in an efficient and streamlined manner. Essentially creating a one stop shop for the tenants and investors to access, view and analyse commercial space.

Nearly all commercial tenants will search for property online at some stage but many landlords and agents still rely on technologies of the past to market their properties. Those that have embraced modern technology have made great gains whilst those that haven’t have suffered and been left behind.

Twenty first century commercial property portal

Propsellers’s mission is to improve the experience of the landlord, commercial agent, tenant or investor when looking to acquire, dispose, let or rent commercial property.

Propsellers allows both the tech savvy and the not so technologically literate agent or landlord to market their offerings on a cutting edge platform but without the need for extensive training or a large capital outlay.

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